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Different energy sources refers the various ways we collect and utilize energy. They include renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. The kind of energy we choose is determined by a number aspects, including how it impacts the environment and if it’s affordable and accessible.

In 2018 fossil fuels were responsible for 81 percent of energy production in the world. But these nonrenewable sources of energy could cause harm to the environment in a variety ways. For instance drilling for oil causes havoc on wildlife and communities Fracking is a source of water pollution and coal power stations emit carbon dioxide.

Renewable energy, also called green or clean energy is derived from natural and continuously replenishing resources like sunlight, wind, and water. It’s an excellent way to reduce our dependence on dirty sources of energy and help the planet.

But renewable energy isn’t just about protecting the environment; it’s also about being reliable efficient, cost-effective, and efficient. Renewable energy is becoming more popular as a method to power our homes and businesses.

Solar, wind, nuclear, and hydropower are the most popular renewable energy sources. Solar energy makes use of technology to convert sunlight into electricity and heat. Wind energy is used to generate electricity in many places around the globe. Hydropower harnesses the force of water to generate electricity. Nuclear energy generates electricity using the process of atomic fission.


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